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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Worcester: The City That Weeds...

Ever been kicking back in your low-income subsidized apartment and look over at your homeboy and say, "Shit, I wish some city planner would give us somethin' to joke about while we's was blazin' dis blunt!"

Well wish no more, Homes! You're prayers have been answered! Introducing, Weed & Seed!

Looks like the city of Worcester has finally just given in and accepted the fact that the only economic growth on the end of Pleasant Street closest to down town comes from the sale of marijuana. Not only have they accepted the fact that pot provides all that neighborhood's revenue, they embrace it with a new series of signs up and down that end of Pleasant Street that read, "Weed & Seed - Making Our Neighborhoods Better."

Not only does pot bring money into the neighborhood, it allegedly even makes it better! Here's another one of those signs -

Obviously, this is not to pot, but I wonder who was responsible for the blazing oversight of calling a community program intended for the less-than-upscale portions of the city and decided to call it Weed and Seed. Of course, it's comparing the city to a garden and weeding and seeding makes a garden grow, but take a look at these dudes and tell me how much they care for metaphors and tropes.

Normally, I am not amused by pot or pot jokes, but this is way beyond just Cheech and Chong. Perhaps the originator of these ingenius plan was high when he/she concocted it. If not, then shame on them.

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Blogger richardsons said...

hi guys!!!
its kinda crappy that they wont let you post if you dont have an account and i really wanted to post stuff to you so you know that we read so... here we are.
haha its good to see that worcester is the same.
The pictures look awesome.
keep them coming.
well be home dec. 15th we cant wait to see you guys
-jen +kev

6:13 PM  
Blogger richardsons said...

oh yeah p.s
spring break from school???

6:18 PM  
Blogger richardsons said...

yo yo.. i was planning on attaching two portraits of eric in this comment that I took at the "Veauing away party". But apparently you can't attach images in these. Oh well. If you send me your email address I can send them to you there. (if your even interested). I just thought they came out good.


7:45 PM  

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