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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Welcome to Worcester!

$1.25 please!

Here is a collection of just some of the wonderful pictures Erin and I have accumulated here in the Woo along with some descriptions to help you better understand the culture and sense of place oozing from every pore of the city.

Captain Casio here is not only one of Worcester's finest ( street performers, he is also a convenient metaphor for the music scene in the city; it's there, but one wouldn't exactly call it alive and well. Main Street is entertained!!!!

Moving just around the corner to Front Street, we find our next denizen of the Town Hall area. This man sells flowers on the side walk. It's just him out there - him and a dirty, nasty baby doll!!!!! Why buy flowers from a doll-less vendor? The service here is two-fold 1. You can be romantic and get that special lady in your life flowers and 2. You get a bonus exhortation to use protection and not get that special lady friend pregnant, as looking at this dirty, nasty baby doll makes you terrified of all of infantdom.

Moving along, less than 1/4 mile from Dirty Babydoll Flower Guy, we have this gem of scupture. For centuries, sculptors have sought to portray the wonderful union of young boys and sea turtles, but rarely does one encounter such a striking depiction of terrapin-rape as in Worcester's own Turtleboy. Whether you're not shopping at the Worcester Common Fashion Outlets across the road, throwing together shoddy news stories for the Telegram and Gazette (located in the background) or you're just trying to gain an unnatural erection, like Slothrop here, Turtleboy is the nexus of the town common.

Imagine a magical place where dirty needles litter the ground! That's not fantasy, my friends, nor is it a Walgreens commercial. No, for your El Dorado, look no further than Worcester, Massachusetts, land of the generous dopefiends. We also found a crackpipe in institute park while metal detecting one day. It's sort of like the Big Rock Candy mountain, only the rocks are crackrocks.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this virtual journey through the city we call home. For more information click on one of the link below. Come and visit!

City Data on Worcester

Journalism for "The City that Reads"

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Blogger Patrick said...

I miss the city already.

Blackstone Valley 4-life.

6:19 PM  

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