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Thursday, August 31, 2006

my boss is a Jewish carpenter

Driving down the Mass Pike today I saw this:

This is information overload! You mean to tell me, Alex, that you will paint/clean my home/work AND you are God's Gift AND Jesus is coming back soon!? Will Jesus appear as an apparition on my swirly ceiling? Admittedly, I'm ignorant of what God's Gift really is so I Wikipediaed it. I wasn't happy of those results so I Googled it. Now I got it.

In other news, Eric and Rasputina had a photo shoot. They were able to emit a variety of emotions to the camera and really connected with the photographer.

Those fresh faces are going somewhere! Cat Fancy magazine, here they come!

Tomorrow is September 1. Anyone remember that commercial on Nickelodeon that said the first of the month was "rabbit rabbit day"? You will have good luck for the whole month if the first thing you say is "rabbit rabbit" when you wake up on the first of the month. Was that a dream? It sounds stupid enough to be.

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Blogger Patrick said...

first comment! sweet! Nice looking blog here, we'll link to ya.

Some sweet photos there.

Erin, thanks for stopping by Irish Times.

What's up Eric!

3:16 AM  

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