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Monday, August 28, 2006

it's blog! it's blog!

it's better than bad, it's good - or so I hope. I can't believe I started my first post with that stupid Ren and Stimpy song. I'd love to have a word with the person who thought it would be entertaining to have a cartoon dog shave its own tongue. But anyway... I think I'll give this thing a shot. I've been very bad with keeping in touch with people. As with many other things, I like to blame it on my job. I am on a computer 9+ hrs a day and on the phone about half of that. Yeah, why don't I cry about it, I know, but that is why I am going to type what I want you to know on this blogger! It's great! I'm so high-tech that before you know it, I'll be downloading snazzy fonts (no offense to people who do, dorks.)

So Eric and I are getting married! Yay! We've decided to combine our last names and so we will be Erin and Eric Smalldrich - or even better, combine our first and last names to be Erinc Smalldrich, yay! Oh and our cats Ishmael and Rasputina are getting married too. This is Massachusetts after all.

Wow, it's really easy to say a whole lotta nothin really fast. So how about a picture?

This is on the campus of the now-defunct Belchertown State School. It was a beatiful day for walking around and going in and out of the buildings. I believe Katie was getting the grand tour of New England that day.

Good night!

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