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Sunday, September 24, 2006

News for Katie

Our friend Katie sent me an e-mail that stated that our blog is not substantive enough - meaning it doesn't really tell anyone what is going on with us, it only makes fun of stuff.

Well, she's right, of course, so here is a run down of what is new with Erin and I.

1. Wedding invitations are in from the printers. Damien really outdid himself with the design and they should be coming to a mailbox near you very soon.

2. I am currently waiting on getting recommendations from my professors at Assumption as the next step in my grad school application process. I am also figuring out what the different schools need for a teaching fellowship. The final list of graduate schools are:

A. University of California in Santa Barbara
B. University of Oregon
C. University of Colorado in Boulder
D. University of Washington in Seattle
E. University of Arizona in Tempe
D. University of Arizona in Tucson

3. We recently attended a Small family reunion and learned that Erin's younger brother, Travis, is the only person that can carry on the Small family name in their particular line. Then a lot of old people encouraged him to have sex.

4. We found a DJ for our wedding. His name is Dana and this is his website:

5. I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people I have been meaning to get in touch with for awhile and it feels good.

6. We all had a great time at Jacki and Jarrod's wedding...except for poor Jeff.

When Jeff left the wedding, he was trailed home by the wait staff from all the Worcester area restaurants and, upon stepping from his car into his dark, gravel driveway, they spring upon him and "repaid him for his kindness..."

7. We are training Ishmael and Rasputina to use the toilet. We bought a thing called the Kitty Whiz and it trains them to go in the real shitter, instead of that pitiful old box-o-dirt they insist on shitting in.

That's it for now. So long.

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Blogger Katie said...

Damn straight. Here's my comment 10 yrs later, finally signed into this thing. Keep the info posts coming.

12:16 PM  

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