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Friday, September 22, 2006

don't see The Black Dahlia

crap. We haven't posted in a long time. Been wicked busy dude. We saw The Black Dahlia the other day. Boy did that stink to high heaven. This is how it went: teeth get knocked out during a boxing match, a cop shoots some people, a girl is found brutally murdered, a couple lesbian scenes, a couple hetero scenes, a head gets split open on a fountain, a person commits suicide. There, you got it.

So you want to know why this all happened? Well, that's just expecting too much from a movie now, isn't it! Honesty, I don't know what really happened in this movie. They waited until the last few minutes (after a lot of minutes) to "unravel" the plot and just threw it out there in the dialogue. It just didn't make sense. Now don't get me wrong, I had to watch Donnie Darko, for example, a couple times before I got it. But that movie was good. You are able to make connections throughout the whole movie. In Black Dahlia, they just throw a pile of turd at you at the end and call it "mystery solved".

the end

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