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Thursday, September 28, 2006

potty training.

Eric and I are training our cats to use the potty.

We were sick and tired of scooping cat shit and piss so we ordered this thing off the information superhighway called Kitty Whiz. It is a cat toilet training aide. Basically, it's a shoddy piece of plastic that you put over your toilet.

Then you put some cat litter and special herbs on it.

We locked our cats in the bathroom for 2 nights and did not allow them access to their old litterboxes. This forced them to use the toilet. It was pretty messy, but all of the pee and most of the poop made it into the toilet.

Then, the other morning I was taking a shower before work and smelled something terrible. It wasn't the usual terrible smell that permeates our bathroom from the downstairs aparment. So I finished up and turned off the shower to hear a cat scratching at the bathroom door! I forgot to leave it open to allow the cats to use their new toilet! It was too late. Ishmael had crapped right outside the door. I think he had been holding it a while too. Poor little guy. It sure was a doosey! Before cleaning it up, I threw up in my mouth a little bit and then took a picture.

Things have been going alot better lately.

We're almost onto the next stage where we cut out holes in the middle of the Kitty Whiz. We'll be sure to keep you all updated on our little ones' progress.

And by the way, don't listen to Eric if he tries to say Ishmael's new nickname is Hot Carl.

smalldrich, out!

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this is hilarious!

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