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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I dreamed my hall filled with wild swine...

...and my true love a-swimming in blood. An interesting line from a Jean Ritchie song called "Sweet William and Lady Margaret". The line reminded Eric of our exploration of an old pig farm in Northbridge at the end of October. It's at the end of Castle Hill Road and was very photogenic with the sun and sky while we were exploring and taking pictures. I meant to write this blog a long time ago but we have pretty pretty busy, with getting married and all. So I just wanted to share some of these pictures. Now that it's getting cold and all wintery, these pictures let us hold on to the brief period of time that we call autumn.

Some of the structures at Castle Hill reminded us of a Spanish Mission that we have only seen on tv. I've always wanted to see the sparrows of Capistrano, thanks to Looney Tunes.

Dilapidated barn with Eric and Sean in a field of ticks. Man I hate ticks. Actually we didn't get any ticks here. If we were only so lucky all the time.

It's strange that two strings of barbed wire rusted while the other two didn't.

I was really working the in focus foreground and out of focus background on this day. I like how one of the weed things almost makes up the collapsed part of the barn.

Eric close-up with the Minolta. Lookin all gruff and lumberjacky.

Eric far away, allergies in the foreground.

You know you're in a good place when there is graffiti around. This says "blood and bong rips" and "beware of undead be careful". Thank you, Stoned Sir, I will be careful of the Undead.

At the time, Eric didn't know he was going to die by standing in that doorway. Luckily he's still with us today because I stopped him. The same can't be said for the many little piggies that surely didn't make it when this place was up and running. RIP Oink and Oink Oink Small. Friends and family may have eaten you at that porketta when I was a little girl, but you will always be my pets.

View from inside (not the building that looked like it was going to fall over). Ahh fall foliage, you might soon be a thing of the past.

Oh my God! An apparition! Call TAPS!!!

A view into what looks like the watering area for the pigs. This was on the second floor.

The way the bacon went to get a drink.

View of the courtyard.

This place was pretty neat. I'm sad it's getting colder and we're losing time to get outside and poke around without feeling the pangs of windchill in our bones.

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