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Friday, November 10, 2006

Political Tropes

Metaphor for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld -

You're on your way home and you've been driving for ten minutes when suddenly a rumbling in your lower abdomen alerts you that a shit is on the way. This will be not ordinary shit; nay, this will be a painful one, possibly diarrhea, a horrid gastric catastophe brewing like Krakatoa in you lower GI tract. You feel a sense of panic - you still have sixty more minutes of driving to go before you reach your house. After a while you try to stop at a convenient store and use the bathroom, but you just can't do it. The turd remains. This invidious feeling, this one life function among many is turning the entire body against you. You sweat, your mind races, your stiff legs make it difficult to drive.

Finally, just as your are certain you will shit your pants, you turn arrive home, run up the stairs and purge yourself of that horrible peice of shit that has been plaguing you. The feeling it euphoric - It's gone! It's gone! Even though you know there is still some serious wiping yet to be done, being rid of the shit is still a massive improvement of circumstance.

An anology on George W. Bush -

If Donald Rumsfeld is a haggard diarrhea shit, then George W. Bush is a jagged kidney stone.

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