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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Communist Cappuchino - a social commentary on the state of Dunkin Donuts

If you haven't seen the new Dunkin Donuts commercial yet, here it is.
I'm probably more mad at this commercial than I should be, but I'm trying to get back into regular blogging so here goes.

This commercial sucks for many reasons beyond the fact it's annoying. It is indicative of our nationalistic, ignorant, dumbed-down, glazed-over, mouth-breathing, deer-in-the-headlights attitude in this country. Whatever happened to appreciating and romanticizing other languages and cultures? An American in Paris? Ha! Us Americans wouldn't be caught dead near those yellow bastards. They should have kept them called Freedom Fries.

Oh and if you didn't notice, the ad is for a latte. Can I order my Italian drink in English please?

"Ugh and then the people that work there don't even speak English," say the masses. It is nearly impossible to get a good cup of burnt sweetness these days.

We are certainly never going to see a second Enlightenment in our lifetime. Especially with these zombie video game kids as the future of our society.

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Blogger Patrick said...

Youtube is the decline of western civ?

We've blogged about Dunkin's before. It's hit or miss - the one by the office I use to work in (and maybe you still work in) has some scary hobos. Is that commentary on society?

There's a Dunkins in the town we moved to down here in NC, it's nice. Lots of people order donuts instead of coffee, which is a pleasant surprise. Donuts are good.

Are we in an age of information Enlightenment now? Tough to tell in the moment.

More posts! The photos were nice too. Congrats on your hitching, as well!

8:03 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

You tube is not the decline of western civ, video games are. They closed the old D&D near 10 Chestnut and moved it across the street to the old DiCenza Jewelry store. It's much nicer but the hobos are still there - they must have figured out to cross the street.

An age of information Enlightenment as far as technology goes, yes we might be there. But an age of overall learning, knowledge, interest and aestetics -no.

9:17 AM  

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