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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Desert Botanical Gardens

Dueling Butterflies
Originally uploaded by Thee E. Aldriches
On Sunday, Erin and I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. They were pretty crowded, but they're nice. We didn't do the trails because we went to see the butterfly garden. This too was crowded and a bit chaotic. It seemed like whenever you were ready to take a photo of a butterfly or flower, someone would stand right in your light. For that matter, it was fairly difficult to even look at the butterflies. No one was rude or anything, it was just a popular exhibit.

In spite of the chaos, it was still fairly enjoyable. Erin was afraid that she wasn't getting any good pictures of the butterflies, but when we got home and loaded them on the computer, we were pleasantly surprised.

Check out the rest of our butterfly pictures here on our Flickr page.

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