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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our First Visitor!

We had our first visitor from back home! The winner is....... Kevin! Kev was out here on business. He's a V.I.P. In fact, he's such a V.I.P. that they put him up in a smoking room at the Comfort Inn on 27th Ave in Phoenix (ghetto!).

We didn't have long to hang out, but it was really cool seeing him. It was almost surreal to hang out with someone from Massachusetts here in Tempe. It's the first time our worlds have crossed.

We went to Casey Moore's and had food. Yum.

If you are unfamiliar with Kevin and the missus, Jen, check out their blog. Kev and Jen are both talent artists. You can check out Kev's work at He even has a sweet picture of yours truly on there.

So the moral of this story is that we like it when people come to visit. Come to visit.


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