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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Motivational Posters

So, I was going to post the second part of our memorial day weekend on here - all about when we went to Frank Lloyd Wright's camp in Scottsdale (TaliesIn West) - but the tour wasn't that exciting. In fact, they allowed so many people in our tour group that it ended up being an overcrowded rip off.

Then I found the Flickr Toys on Big Huge Labs. There is a motivational poster generator. I couldn't resist making a few. Here is the fruit (albeit, rotten fruit) of my labors. Enjoy!


Ishmael Glue Poster

Ishmael Motivator

Sad Dog

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Of course, I have a few more on my Flickr page and you can expect frequent new creations. Also, all these look way cooler if you click on them and make the larger. I have to shrink them a bit to fit the blog layout.


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