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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Erin = unemployed = watches too much TV = brain dead = this blog

Erin here. I'm actually contributing to this blog!

Having quit my job a month ago to start grad school on Monday, I've had too much free time on my hands. Now I'm not complaining AT ALL, so don't get it twisted.

Anyways, since it's too hot to really do anything outside and Eric and I are trying to conserve money because we are now both poor grad students, I've been watching a lot of TV. Why spend time reading books when I've got 3 years of reading books ahead of me?? So TV it is.

As Eric mentioned in a previous post, I've been watching the Olympics. Gymnastics is pretty cool but I fast forward through most everything else. (Thank goodness for DVR.) As Eric said, the commentators can be pretty rotten and repetitive at best.

On to my next favorite show of the summer. Well actually it's a tie between two: The Gong Show and Reality Bites Back. The Gong Show is pretty funny. I like Dave Attell as the host. The show follows the basic same format as the original show. Like this. (Paul Reubens is Pee Wee Herman if you didn't know.)

So that brings me to Reality Bites Back. It's hosted by Michael Ian Black in the format of any and every typical current reality show. Each episode parodies one or more reality shows. The cast is made up of comedians who compete against each other like in a reality show. If you watch any reality shows this show is funny because they (hilariously) point out how all those shows have the same formatting, dramatic effects, etc. I find all of the comedians really funny which is strange because in general I don't think comedians are actually funny. Maybe it's a change in the type of stand up comedy people are doing, maybe it's just me finally coming around.

Ok, back on track. There is a comedian on Reality Bites Back named Theo Von. He is one of the funniest ones and I recognized him from being on Road Rules a while back. So I looked him up online to see which season he was on and that started this whole thing where I wikipediaed Road Rules and Real World cast members. Now I have not watched these shows in years but in my above-mentioned free time, I thought it might be interesting to see what these people do/did with their lives after these shows.

This is when I came across Jamie Murray. His Wikipedia article is a perfect example of why Wikipedia is not always a reliable source. A very (wicked) funny example as well. Now I use Wikipedia daily and even used it for links in this blog so I'm definitely all for it. Especially when I find something like I did in Jamie Murray's entry. Since Wikipedia articles can be changed at any time I'm posting excerpts from it as it stands today:

"Murray is currently selling a type of beer tap called the Ubertap [1] and working as a clerk at the Chicago Board of Trade. His favorite food is all burritos and he is currently a level 35 Halo player. In 1994 he obtained the rank of Eagle Scout while being a member of troop 3 in Willmette, Illinois.

Jamie was also a counselor at summer camp called Horseshoe, he was a cabin counselor for Ranger A considered the greatest cabin in camp, which included campers, Scottie Berman, Daniel Cohen, Jake Padorr, Chris Harms, Daniel Cohen, Wyatt Spector, Josh Kohn, Corey Kohn, Adam Biscuits Paull, Jordan Fox and Zach Kalter. Jamie was a great counselor who always cared about others before himself, unlike Craig. Jamie was a camp counselor for 8 weeks" (emphasis added).

Screw Craig! haha. Yeah, there's not even a period after the word weeks.

Am I delirious? Maybe. Do you think this is as funny and Eric and I do? Probably not. But one thing I do know is this: working is for SUCKERS!!!

Go U of A Wildcats!


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haha! that was an awesome post. how's school?

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